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Pergola and Hill Garden..Revisited

Went a bit macro crazy.

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October 5, 2012 · 00:24

Pergola and Hill Garden, Hampstead Heath

The Pergola and Hill Garden is on the bit of the Hampstead Heath near Golders Hill Park. Originally part of Inverforth House, it’s was open to the public in 1963.

Surely discovered by anyone who has walked remotely near West Heath, and definitely anyone who has read any ‘hidden’ London-esque blogs, it still feels like the most awesome secret garden every time I visit. I’ve read about a million blogs and photo-sets about this place, and it probably doesn’t need another, but nevermind. Walking past today, I couldn’t resist taking pictures. (Probably could have taken them on a sunnier day!).  Whilst obviously decaying yet well kept, it still has an overgrown, forgotten feel about it, which reminds of Miss Havisham’s garden. The whole thing does feel like a ridiculous metaphor or something.

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Although the City of London Corporation, who look after the Heath, are looking into investment to restore the Pergola to it’s former glory, I quite like it the way it is now.

Find out more about the history here.

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