Time Out London goes free

So I came back after a little holiday and read my mini-pile of Time Out to find that it’s being re-launched in the autumn as a free magazine.

I really do love Time Out, so I’m understandably a little apprehensive. They’ve have said that the quality will not change, but it will be thinner and missing the soon-to-be online only TV section (which was only just re-introduced). But, just how much smaller it will get, and whether the quality really won’t diminish, is questionable – I’m very worried! It has already got smaller and smaller recently, and there will inevitably have to be a load more adverts. The only comparison I can think of, that has made the jump to being free, is the Evening Standard – but then that was always horrible wasn’t it?

On the other hand, I’ve always thought that despite the quality of the content, Time Out has always been far too expensive for a weekly (currently £3.25). So it’s a pretty big jump and good news for my pocket. Therefore, I should be a little happier – apart from the fact they just took a load of money from my account for my new subscription. Typical.

But anyway, all will be revealed in the autumn, and I really hope this will mean a positive new start for Time Out, rather than the beginning of the end..


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