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A Sleepy Walk down the Thames Path

From the ‘other’ side of London Bridge – Bermondsey to Canary Wharf

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The Secret History of Our Streets

Very late blog, just to say how much I enjoyed this series.

Part of the BBC London Season, which been mainly been fantastic, the programme has been an engrossing look at the social history of different areaof London. The Caledonian Road episode, in particular was really fascinating (clearly because it was the road I know best).

This one focused on a landlord who has managed to build up an oddly large number of properties on the road. Seemingly, portrayed as a ‘loveable rogue’, he was actually clearly just a very, very bad landlord charging people for living in awful conditions, and often illegally.

Since the programme, an action group called ‘Cally Cows‘, has been set up by tenants of the rogue landlord, and in then turn the members were given eviction notices. Pretty disturbing stuff, and indicative of the worrying state of the rental market. But, hopefully some good will come from highlighting just what this landlord has been up to.

For the main part, it was a great series, one gripe being that it was was a shame the series was only 6 episodes long – it definitely missed a huge chunk of NW London. And also, on a side note, one thing that The Guardian picked up on, and which did irk me at the time, was the unnecessary use of subtitling for people with strong accents in the programme. Something that probably did let the series down.

For more programmes on London, there’s also a really good archive of films on the BBC website here.

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